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Module 3 (Meetings and Congresses) - E Learning

The Meetings and Congresses module focuses on the ethical standards for organising and participating in meetings, events and congresses within the pharmaceutical industry. This module covers the different types of meetings, including advisory boards, speaker programs, and congresses, and highlights the requirements for complying with the ABPI Code of Practice in each instance. Participants will learn about the rules and guidelines for inviting and paying healthcare professionals to participate in meetings, as well as the importance of transparency in these relationships. Additionally, this module will provide some practical tips for planning and executing meetings in a compliant manner, including appropriate documentation and record-keeping. By the end of this module, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the ethical standards that apply to meetings and congresses in the pharmaceutical industry, and the practical skills needed to organise and participate in these events in a compliant and ethical manner. This is another important foundation module so take your time to click on all the tips/hints and read all of it carefully.

Meetings and Congresses – 45 mins read time

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