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Medical Advisor

Dr Janaki B



s a Medical Advisor, Dr. Janaki plays a crucial role in guiding our projects with a strong focus on medical accuracy and regulatory compliance. Her vast experience in various medical specialties ensures that our solutions align seamlessly with the highest medical standards.

Dr. Janaki’s deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and her commitment to evidence-based practices make her an invaluable asset to our clients. She ensures that every solution we deliver is well-grounded in medical science, enhancing its impact and value for healthcare professionals.

With her unwavering dedication to advancing patient care and medical knowledge, Dr. Janaki continually pushes our team to achieve excellence in every project. Her passion for improving healthcare aligns perfectly with Medicalgogo’s mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry through AI-powered solutions.

Join us in benefiting from the guidance and expertise of Dr. Janaki B, as we work together to elevate your projects to new heights of medical accuracy and impact.


Meet Dr. Janaki B, the esteemed Medical Advisor at Medicalgogo. With a distinguished career in the medical field, Dr. Janaki brings a wealth of clinical expertise and insights to our team.