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Business Development

Mo Tabs

IT Solutions

Mo Tabs is a highly experienced business development professional with a background in IP ventures and sales. He has a proven track record of successfully developing and closing deals in the pharmaceutical industry. Mo has honed his expertise in leveraging AI-powered solutions to streamline operations and optimise business processes for clients. He is well-suited to work at Medicalgogo, an AI-powered solutions development agency for pharma, where his experience in business development and sales will be invaluable to the company’s growth.

Mo’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship has driven him to excel in his field and he is dedicated to delivering business solutions that meet the unique needs of his clients. With a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and a comprehensive knowledge of AI technology, Mo is the perfect fit for Medicalgogo.


Mo Tabs is an integral part of our dynamic team, serving as a key member in the field of Business Development. With a passion for forging meaningful partnerships and driving collaborative success, Mo brings an infectious enthusiasm to every project.